GMC Check Engine Light On? | 4 Common Symptoms & What to Do Next

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You are going for a long drive with your family. Suddenly you noticed yellow check engine light on dashboard. If you are new on that issue, then you may be worried and think about what the Check Engine Light Means? Why Check Engine light is on!! At initial stage it may not indicate a significant issue, but it should take it seriously.

The onboard diagnostics system includes a check engine light. It flashes, when your vehicle’s computer detects an emission control system component issue. A loose gas cap or faulty oxygen sensor might cause this.

If the light comes on your car, you will consider an authorized technician. They will read the code from the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port. The code helps the technician diagnose the problem.

Today we will discuss about what to do when you see GMC Check Engine Light Flashing. What are the common Causes for Buick, GMC Check Engine Light turns on. How much it will cost to fix and more.

What Does It Mean When My Check Engine Light Flashes?

The check engine light is a crucial warning system in your car, and it can show a wide range of serious problems too. The blinking check engine light turns on usually indicates that you need to fix a significant issue with your vehicle. Most cases of the time, a bright check engine light means that the engine is misfiring, which can do a lot of damage. So must fix that as soon as possible. A bright check engine light could also be caused a broken oxygen sensor, a clogged catalytic converter, or a broken ignition coil.

If your check engine light comes on, you must stop to run long miles. Now question is How to Reset Your Check Engine Light. If you have OBD scanner then you can find out the reason.

Alternatively find a certified technician to check your vehicle engine issue. If you disregard the warning, it may causing additional damage, having to spend more to repair it, or possibly breaking down on the road.

Common Causes for Buick, GMC Check Engine Light

If you own a Buick or GMC, the check engine light will almost always come on from time to time. Even though this process can be a little idea and scary, it’s important to know that the check engine light could be on for many different reasons.

GMC Check Engine Light
OBD Scanner: image source: Amazon

Some of the most common reasons are:

Do you know most common reasons why the check engine light comes on is: a loose or broken petrol or gas or a loose gas cap?.

Make sure your cars petrol gas cap tightened enough or the gas cap is not broken. It can cause a leak in low oil pressure the fuel system. Sometimes that can cause the check engine light to come on.

Oxygen sensor problem: The oxygen sensor is supposed to measure how much oxygen is in the air entering the fuel tank exhaust. Make changes to the fuel blend and the emissions test system based on what it finds. Its failure could impact fuel economy, efficiency, emissions test and air pollution.

Spark, new spark plugs, or ignition coils that don the spark plugs can‘t work right: These parts are what light the fuel in the car and engine. If the spark plugs can’t work right, it can lead to misfires, lower speed, and damage to the catalytic converter.

Problems with the mass airflow sensor: This mass gas airflow sensor checks how much air and gas is going into the engine and changes the fuel pump and air injection. It could change how well it runs and how much air and gas it overheating engine or poor fuel economy uses.

Problems with the vehicle and catalytic converter: Although this component and vehicle exhaust system is designed to less harmful emissions and reduce air pollution, if it becomes damaged or does not function as it should. It may trigger the dashboard warning light for the vehicle and check engine function.

How much does it cost to get the engine light checked?

The cost of checking the engine light depends on where the car checked at and what has to be done. An engine light diagnostic test costs $40 to $200. Repairs and component replacements may be included in this price.

Dealership diagnostic tests and repairs may cost extra. However, dealerships have more specialized equipment and skilled experts to diagnose and solve complicated faults.

technician cost to fix up car engine light
GMC Check Engine Light

However, independent mechanics or vehicle repair shops may be cheaper. These businesses may provide the service appointment reduced prices due to decreased overhead.

GMC Check Engine Light Flashing

If you notice your GMC’s check engine light is flashing, it is important to take action immediately. When you notice the check engine light is on and flashing, it indicates that there is a significant issue. If you ignore the either blinking light or illuminated check engine light, it and continuing to drive the vehicle could cause further damage and lead to more expensive repairs.

If you have little knowledge about car engine light then try to find out the issue.

You are able to accomplish this process by either bringing your GMC to a technician to have the error code read or by utilizing a diagnostic kit on your vehicle own tow truck you own.

GMC Check Engine Light
GMC Check Engine Light- image source: Amazon

When you understand the engine light issue, either you can fix it yourself or contact technician. This can need the replacement expensive repair of a broken component, the cleaning of a sensor, or some other routine maintenance or other kind of repair.

It is important to note that a flashing check engine light is different from a steady check engine light. A steady check engine light turns off may indicate a less serious problem that can be fixed or addressed at a later time. However, a flashing light requires immediate attention.

Ignoring a flashing check engine light can be dangerous and costly. If you are unclear how to solve the issue on your own. Then the first thing is, take your GMC to a certified technician who will be able to identify and correct the problem.

GMC Check Engine Light Codes

Check engine code and light might be alarming. The yellow light just shows that the engine’s computer identified an issue and saved a check engine code somewhere. An OBD-II scanner may assist diagnose these codes.

Common GMC check engine light codes and their meanings:

P0171: The engine is running too lean due poor fuel economy due to a vacuum leak, oxygen sensor failure, or blocked fuel injector.

P0300: A spark plug, ignition coil, or fuel injector may produce a random misfire.

P0420: A failing oxygen sensor or failing catalytic converter can may produce this code.

P0442: A loose petrol cap or fuel system leak might produce a modest evaporative emissions leak.

If you don’t know how to diagnose, fix it. Take your Check Engine Light Service GMC to a qualified technician.

Advice on how to stop the Check Engine Light from coming on

The first thing you should do if the check engine light turns on is to check the gas cap. Check that everything is tight and secure. Replace the gas cap if it has become loose or damaged. If the check engine light remains on, it is time to investigate the problem.

Here’s a step-by-step way to resolving the check engine light:

check engine light codes

1. Use an OBD scanner to read the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) recorded in the computer of service engine of your car. An OBD scanner may be purchased online or at your local car parts shop.

2. To discover the problem, look up the DTC code in your vehicle’s owner’s handbook or online.

3. Examine the component associated with the DTC code. For instance, if the DTC code indicates emissions system has a defective oxygen sensor, test the faulty oxygen sensor first to ensure it is operational.

4. If necessary, replace or repair the component.

5. Using the OBD scanner, clear the code.

6. Drive your car to confirm that the check engine light does not illuminate again.

Importance of routine care

The key to maintaining your car in good working order is routine maintenance. If you maintain your vehicle in accordance with the maintenance plan. You will reduce your chances of having trouble in the future and save money. It’s crucial to get your car maintained by a qualified technician to make sure it’s in excellent shape.

The GMC check engine light can be annoying for some drivers. But if you have little knowledge and OBD scanner tool, you can find the problem and fix it quickly and easily. If you are unsure about the issue or don’t find any solution then always take expert suggestion. You can maintain your vehicle’s optimal performance and avoid costly repairs in the future if you follow these steps.

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FAQ about GMC Check Engine Light

What are the reasons a GMC check engine light comes on?

Faulty Oxygen Sensor—The oxygen sensor monitors exhaust system oxygen levels. A defective oxygen sensor may impair gas mileage and inefficiency. The check engine light illuminates if the oxygen sensor fails.

Loose or Damaged Gas Cap—Your vehicle service engine’s emissions system relies on the gas cap. It reduces gasoline vapor emissions. Loose, broken, or missing gas caps might activate the check engine light.

Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter – The catalytic converter converts exhaust contaminants into less hazardous emissions. The check engine light may illuminate if the catalytic converter fails.

Failing Mass Airflow Sensor – The mass airflow sensor measures engine airflow. The sensor’s malfunction might negatively affect the gas mileage and vehicle efficiency. The check engine light illuminates if the mass airflow sensor fails.

Dead Battery or Alternator – A dead battery or alternator might trigger blinking the check engine light. Dead batteries, damaged battery terminals, and alternator failure may cause this.

What does a solid check engine light mean?

A solid check engine light is a warning sign that there is a problem with your vehicle’s engine. When the illuminated check engine light is on, it means that your car’s onboard diagnostic system has detected a fault and has stored a trouble code. This code provides clues about the specific issue that needs to be addressed. It might be a loose gas cap or a sensor or catalytic converter.

It’s important to take the check engine light seriously and have your vehicle diagnosed by a mechanic as soon as possible. Ignoring the light could lead to further damage to your car, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased emissions.

Is It Safe to Drive with My Check Engine Light On?

This service center is not a safe place to drive long while your car indicate engine light on. You can drive a few miles from service center and find GMC authorized technician at service center.

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