Govee Curtain Lights: How it will be a Game-Changer for Home Decor 2024

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We are entering the holiday season, which means cozy gatherings, holiday parties, and festive celebrations are in order. You might be searching for a unique item to bring your events to the next level. This brings us to Govee Curtain Lights. It is crucial to ask: are they worth the investment?

Firstly, let’s talk about the cost. How much do these Govee curtain lights price? It’s a good question and one that many of us think about before buying anything. I’ve looked at many reviews and details to see if the price is right for what you get.

Now, where can you use these lights? The good news is that they work both inside and outside. Yes, Govee curtain lights are appropriate for outdoor use, garden parties, and indoor events. So, you can light up your living room or backyard with the same lights.

What about light quality? These are LED lights, which are bright and energy-efficient. Whether you use the Govee curtain lights indoors for a cozy movie night or you can use Govee curtain lights outdoor for a lively party, the LED feature ensures the lights are bright and stylish.

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Govee has made the installation process easy, so you don’t have to spend time setting them up. We’ll talk more about this later.

If you’re wondering where to buy these lights online, good news: Govee curtain lights are available on Amazon.

And if you’re the type who likes to read govee curtain lights review before buying, you’ll find many Govee curtain lights reviews on Amazon to help you decide.

Lastly, there’s an app for these lights. The Govee curtain lights app lets you control the lights from your phone. You can change colors, set patterns, and more.

So, are you curious about more? Let’s get into the details and see if these lights are as good as they sound.

Govee Curtain Lights: What’s Inside the Box?

Unboxing will find:

  • The Govee Curtain Lights
  • A power adapter
  • Various types of hanging accessories, including screws
  • A screwdriver
  • A user guide and promotional material


Govee curtain light pattern
Govee curtain light pattern | image source: Amazon
  • Model: H70B1
  • Light Color: RGBIC
  • Cord Length: 13.1 feet (including the control box)
  • Dimensions: 4.9ft x 6.5ft
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Control: App, Control Box, Voice Commands

Setting up the lights

You can hang the lights with plenty of fixtures from Govee. While the installation might seem detailed, it’s not too difficult to manage. The design allows you to hang the lights vertically or horizontally, giving you multiple options for how to display them. Assembling the brackets and hooks is time-consuming, but remember, it’s a one-off task that pays off in the end.

User Experience

Once installed, I noticed some irregularities in the string alignment. A quick 15-minute session with my hair dryer mostly resolved the issue. Connecting the lights to my Google and Alexa accounts was a breeze, thanks to the intuitive Govee app.

Features and Functionality

The Govee Curtain Lights are packed with 520 LED beads that deliver stunning brightness. With the Govee app, you can:

  • Craft your unique designs
  • Modify light animation pace and movement
  • Showcase scrolling text messages

Although the app suggests uploading your graphics, I couldn’t locate this feature. This could be because the product has recently been launched, and some functionalities might still be in the works.

Visual appeal

Lights look best when viewed from a distance and in simple patterns. The app comes with 62 pre-set scenes for various occasions, which are visually stunning and require no artistic skills.

Additional features

  • Music Sync: The lights react to music, making them suitable for parties.
  • Timer and Routine: You can set schedules for lights to turn on or off.

Govee Curtain Lights: Pros and cons

What I loved! Highly customizable.

One of the standout features of Govee Curtain Lights is their high customization level. The Govee app allows you to tailor lighting patterns, speeds, and even messages to suit your mood or event. This means you can create your own ambiance every time you switch them on.

Layering for visual depth

Another advantage is the ability to layer multiple sets of Govee Curtain Lights. This layering adds rich visual depth to the lighting display, making it even more captivating. Whether you’re setting up for a party or want to enhance your living space, the layering feature offers a dynamic visual experience.

Room for improvement.

Initial setup

While Govee Curtain Lights offers many features and customizations, the initial setup can be tedious. Assembling the brackets and hooks takes time, and getting the alignment right might require some effort. However, this is a one-time setup, and the stunning result more than compensates for the initial time investment.

govee curtain lights bar
Govee curtain lights bar

In summary, Govee light curtain offers a blend of customization and visual appeal, albeit with a slow setup process. Overall, the pros of these lights are greater than the cons, so you should add them to your home or event place.

Final Thoughts

Govee Curtain Lights made their debut at CES this year and lived up to the hype. They offer an exciting and captivating lighting experience that can be tailored to fit various occasions. I’m considering buying more sets to experience their layering capabilities.


Can Govee Curtain Lights be used outdoors?

Definitely! Govee Curtain Lights are designed to be versatile, making them an excellent fit for both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you’re planning a cozy indoor gathering or a lively outdoor event, these lights have got you covered.

Is the Govee app user-friendly?

Yes, the app is easy to use. Its intuitive interface allows for effortless lighting customization. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find navigating through the app’s features a breeze.

Can I control the Curtain lights with voice commands?

Voice control is one of Govee Curtain Lights’ standout features. You can control your lights with voice tools like Google Assistant and Alexa, so you don’t have to do anything.

How many sets can be layered together?

You can layer up to three sets of Govee Curtain Lights. This layering feature enhances visual depth and creates an even more immersive lighting experience. It’s suitable for larger spaces or events where you want to make a big impact.

Are Govee Curtain Lights energy efficient?

Yes, the lights use LED technology, which is known for its energy efficiency. Not only do the lights provide brilliant illumination, but they also consume less power than traditional lighting options. This makes them both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

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