How to Reset Kasa Camera: Must Try 3 Simple Security Camera Troubleshooting

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Are you worried about how to reset Kasa camera? If you’re facing issues like your Kasa camera blinking orange or need a fresh start, a reset is your fix. Be sure to back up all your valuable footage before beginning. A reset wipes all saved settings and videos. Ready to reset?

First, locate the Kasa camera reset button. It’s small but powerful. Is your Kasa camera blinking red and green? Press the reset button and hold it for a few seconds. When the light blinks amber, release it. The camera is now reset.

Next, let’s reconnect your camera to Wi-Fi. How to connect a Kasa camera to WIFI? Open the Kasa app on your phone. Follow the prompts to connect your camera to your home network. It’s that simple.

Lost your password? No worries. After the reset, you’ll set your password. Make sure it’s strong and secure.

It is hard to troubleshoot. But with these steps, your Kasa camera will be up and running in no time. You can monitor your home with confidence, knowing you know how to reset and reconnect your Kasa camera.

What are the possible reasons to reset the Kasa camera?

  1. If your camera stops working properly, like not connecting to Wi-Fi or the lights blinking strangely, you can reset it.
  2. It’s possible to reset your camera if you want to reset the settings from scratch.
  3. If you sell your camera or give it to someone else, you should reset it. You will lose all videos and settings on your computer if you do this.
  4. When your camera gets updated, you might need to reset it to ensure it works properly.
  5. Your camera freezes sometimes. You can reset it to work again.

Before you reset your camera, make sure you save any videos you want to keep.

Kasa Camera Troubleshooting

Using the Reset Button:

Find the Reset Button: Look for the reset button on your camera. You’ll find it on the back or the bottom. It could be a tiny button or a small hole that needs a paperclip to press.

Reset Kasa Camera
Reset Kasa Camera | image source:

Press and Hold: Push and hold the reset button for 10–15 seconds. Watch for the camera’s LED light to flash. This means the camera is reset.

Set Up Again: After the light flashes, you’ll need to set up your camera again. Connect it to Wi-Fi and adjust your settings as you like.

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Your camera model will tell you:

Kasa Smart Security Camera:

When you reset it, a yellow light blinks. That means it’s working.

Kasa indoor camera:

Take off the back cover first. Magnets are keeping it in place. Then press the reset button and wait for the yellow light to blink.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Camera:

Move the camera lens up to see the reset button. Put it down and hold it for 15 seconds. It’s reset when you see the light blink.

Wired outdoor camera:

You might need a screwdriver to open the back and reach the reset button. Once you press it, the camera resets.

Wireless outdoor camera:

Make sure the camera is on. Press the reset button and hold it for 15 seconds. Look for the yellow light to blink, and then it’s reset.

After you reset any of these cameras, you’ll have to set them up again, like when you first got them. 

This means putting them back on your Wi-Fi and setting your settings in the Kasa app.

Kasa Smart App: How to Use It

Open the app: Start the Kasa Smart app on your phone.

Find Your Camera: Log in to the “Devices” page, swipe left on the camera you want to reset, and tap “Delete.”

Confirm: Press “Remove Device” to confirm. Your camera will disconnect from your account and reset to factory settings.


If you are having problems with your camera, want to update it, change your settings, or give it to someone else, you can reset it.

You can contact TP-Link customer service if you still experience problems after resetting your router.

They can provide guidance on how to fix or replace it if necessary.

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FAQ: How to reset Kasa camera

How do I reset my Kasa WiFi camera?

Find the reset button on the camera. Press and hold it for 15 seconds until the light blinks. Set it up again in your app.

Why is my Kasa tilt camera not connecting?

It could be for a few reasons: WiFi issues, wrong camera settings, or it needs a reset. Check your WiFi, make sure the settings are correct, or try resetting the camera.

Why is my Kasa camera offline?

In this case, either your WiFi is down or your camera is too far from the router. Check your internet connection. Move the camera closer to the router, or make sure it’s plugged in properly.

How do I reset my Kasa device?

Press the reset button on the device for about 15 seconds until you see a blinking light. After that, you’ll need to set it up again with your Kasa app.

How do I connect my Kasa camera to the latest WiFi network?

Open the Kasa app, click on the camera settings, and look for the WiFi network option. Choose your existing WiFi network and enter the password.

How do I reconnect my Kasa to WiFi?

In the Kasa app, select your device and find the option to change the WiFi network. Select your network, type in your password, and it should reconnect.

For more detailed instructions, check out Kasa’s support site or the app’s help section.

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In conclusion, it’s pretty simple to reset your Kasa camera and solve many issues. You can reset the camera to solve a glitch, transfer it to its next owner, update the software, tweak settings, or unfreeze it.

If the problem persists after a reset, contact TP-Link’s customer support. If you have technical issues, their team is ready to help. You can get a new camera if necessary.

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